Empowering your lifestyle with
personalized health and wellness coaching.



Sport Specific Training
Training to address specific needs of a given sport

Nutritional Counseling
Basic counseling & guidance regarding nutrition and dietetic behaviors

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
Counseling an individual regarding their behaviors and lifestyle decisions
that affect their health, wellness and wellbeing

One on One Personal Training
Private training with one client

Semi Private Personal Training
2 person training session

Rehabilitation Training
Training to address specific needs for
injuries at any stage of recovery



Lori Verta has been a Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago for the last 17 years. Growing up as a competitive equestrian, she developed a passion for fitness and health, one she now shares full-time by providing Private Training and Lifestyle Wellness Coaching. Lori brings 25 years of experience both as an athlete/competitor and as a coach/trainer with personal insight into the process of developing and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



Lori Verta


Lori Verta Fitness & Lifestyle is located at Ascend
409 West Huron Street, 3rd floor in Chicago, Illinois