I have been working as a Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago for the last 14 years. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Northwestern University, and hold the following professional certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, KettleBell Athletics Level I and II, FMS Corrective Exercise Specialist, Precision Nutrition-Nutritional Coach, Pre&Post Natal Certified.
I began my professional career in the fitness industry in 2001 working at Athletico Physical therapy.  In 2003 I joined the training team at Equinox Fitness Clubs. During my 8 years there I worked as a Personal Training Department Manager, Personal Trainer, T4 Coach, and Regional Education Coordinator and Master Instructor of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. In the the Fall of 2011 I joined the team at Studio E in River North and am currently working fulltime at the studio providing Private Training and Lifestyle Wellness Coaching.
Fitness, training and good nutrition have been a part of my life since I was 5 years old and began horse backing riding. My practice and love of the sport eventually lead to an athletic career as a competitive equestrian. I competed for 13 years and over that time, I worked not only with the top riding coaches in the midwest, but with several renowned professionals in the fitness and nutrition industry. It was during my years of training and preparing for competition that my passion for fitness and health developed, and my future career began to take shape.

The culmination of the last 23 years of experience both as an athlete/competitor and as a coach/trainer has provided me with personal insight into the journey of developing and maintaining a healthy and balanced life. Living healthy, being fit and  feeling well comes in stages. It isn't a process, but rather a personal EVOLUTION that comes from within. It requires practice, determination, commitment, LOVE for oneself and above all the will to LIVE well. It is this evolution that I help clients understand and navigate through.